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“The strongest repair acrylic we’ve ever used“


A strong base is key to a long-lasting and high-quality denture: PalaXtreme offers a unique combination of benefits to achieve this goal.

No other dental acrylic combines so much strength and flexibility:

  • High-impact & self-curing material
  • Adds to the prevention of impact damage and therefore avoidance of time-consuming warranty repairs
  • Its unique formulation offers a broad range of processing options, with injection and pouring techniques
  • Various gingiva colour options (known Pala shades) and a clear colour option are available

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Specialised acrylic

PalaXtreme is designed for special applications such as implant based dentures.


Minimised warranty repairs due to high-impact properties: PalaXtreme boasts high fracture toughness thanks to the new “Core Shell Technology”.

Colour stable

PalaXtreme is colour stable and offers a clear version, e.g. for dental splints.

Low residual monomers

PalaXtreme shows very low levels of residual monomers (1.4 %1)

palaxtreme paint colour background

Core Shell Technology

Everything you need to deliver quality that lasts

PalaXtreme is one of the first self-curing dental acrylics to pass both ISO 20795 tests of maximum stress intensity (fracture toughness = 2.6 MPa*m1) and total fracture of work (fracture work = 1,122 J/m21), making it an excellent choice for implant-based dentures. This high fracture toughness is based on the “Core Shell Technology” – polymer pearl with a hard shell and a flexible core. The flexible core acts as a shock absorber to stop the spread of microscopic damage.

Fracture toughness = 2.6 MPa*m1. Fracture toughness is a measure for break resistance. PalaXtreme is highly break resistant and therefore perfect for implant supported dentures.

palaxtreme core shell technology